Call for papers

CMMR is an interdisciplinary conference involving fields such as computer science, engineering, information retrieval, human computer interaction, digital libraries, hypermedia, artificial intelligence, acoustics, audio and music signal processing, musicology, music perception and cognition, neuroscience, music composition, and performance.
The first CMMR gatherings mainly focused on information retrieval, programming, digital libraries, hypermedia, artificial intelligence, acoustics and signal processing. Little by little CMMR has moved towards more interdisciplinary aspects related to the role of human interaction in musical practice, perceptual and cognitive aspects linked to sound modelling and how sense or meaning can be transmitted either from isolated sounds or musical structure as a whole. All the CMMR gatherings have resulted in post symposium proceedings build up from selected peer-reviewed papers and published by Springer Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences Series:

LNCS 2771 LNCS 3310 LNCS 3902 LNCS 4969 LNCS 5493 LNCS 5954 LNCS 6684 LNCS 7172

This will also be the case for CMMR 2013.

CMMR 2013 welcomes the submissions of contributions from researchers, educators, members of industry, (film) music composers, performers, music software developers, librarians, and others with an interest in computer music modeling, retrieval, analysis, and synthesis.


Original contributions are encouraged in, but not limited to, the following topics:
  • bullet blue  Image/sound interaction (special session)
  • bullet blue  Semio acoustics: soundscapes, field recording, daily sounds (special session)
  • bullet blue  Cognitive inspiration (special session)
  • bullet blue  When auditory cues shape human sensorimotor performance (special session)
  • bullet blue  The art of sonification (special session)
  • bullet blue  Interactive sound synthesis (special session)
  • bullet blue  Music and emotions: Representation, Recognition, and Audience/Performers Studies (special session)
  • bullet blue  Motion and gesture
  • bullet blue  Therapy and remediation
  • bullet blue  Sound, Music and motions (e.g. analysis, retrieval, synthesis, composition, performance, music for images)
  • bullet blue  Gestural control of sound synthesis
  • bullet blue  Musical gesture analysis
  • bullet blue  Augmented musical instruments
  • bullet blue  Musical interfaces
  • bullet blue  Musically inspired HCI
  • bullet blue  Mapping and Sonification
  • bullet blue  Computational musicology
  • bullet blue  Auditory perception and cognition
  • bullet blue  Virtual reality, augmented reality and human-computer interaction related to music
  • bullet blue  Digital music libraries
  • bullet blue  User studies (e.g. ethnography, usability of music software)
  • bullet blue  New methods for music representation and visualization
  • bullet blue  Retrieval and music recommendation tools
  • bullet blue  Intelligent music tutoring systems
  • bullet blue  Music games and interactive learning
  • bullet blue  Music production and composition tools
  • bullet blue  Structuring of audio data
  • bullet blue  Cooperative music networks
  • bullet blue  Analysis, recognition, comparison, classification, and modeling of sound and music
  • bullet blue  Music and sound data mining
  • bullet blue  Sound synthesis
  • bullet blue  Optical music recognition
  • bullet blue  Semantic web music technologies
  • bullet blue  Sound source separation
  • bullet blue  Music structure analysis
  • bullet blue  Music transcription
  • bullet blue  Artificial intelligence and cognitive science for sound and music


Submission Procedures to submit papers will be detailed in the Author instructions and Submission section from the CMMR 2013 website. Submitted papers must be camera-ready conforming to the format specified on the CMMR 2013 website.
Please note that paper submissions to special sessions can be done by selecting the title of the special session in the topics section on the Easy Chair submission page.

Important dates for papers

Paper Submission deadline June 15, 2013 June 25, 2013
Notification of acceptance July 15, 2013 July 25, 2013
Camera-ready copy deadline September 1, 2013 September 6, 2013

For inquiries regarding paper submissions, please contact the paper and program chairs using the following email address:
cmmr2013-program (at)
We are looking forward to your contributions !