Music Program

Since 2004, musical festivals that aim at displaying artistic works that make use of new devices and technologies developed within the computer music and modelling communities have been attached to the CMMR conference. During the four days that the conference lasts, the conference delegates are invited to attend this musical festival that will take place each evening after the scientific sessions. Works presented intent to reveal unusual and new musical projects coherent with the conference theme "Sound, Music and Movement". As for the scientific contributions, the choice of the musical contributions that will be presented during the festival was based on the quality, as well as the coherency of the piece with respect to the conference theme.
The CMMR 2013 musical festival will be organised by Ubris Studio in partnership with the Bernardines theater which will host the concerts related to the following artistic proposition:
- Le moindre geste (The slightest gesture) -

This is the most significant generic title able to include the various musical and choregraphic creations and the interactive works presented at the CMMR 2013, "Sound, Music and Movement" music festival. It is the poetry of the slightest gesture interpreted, danced, of the slightest move that penetrates the filter of new technologies that will be central point of this program. We will focus on the engagement of the body of the interpreter, of the dancer, or of the composer in a studio. This will be explored through different musical propositions from jazz, improvised or written music, electronic or instrumental music, to dance and moving pictures. In brief, any movement.
Works selected by the music committee of CMMR 2013 will be added to this program and contribute to draw attention to the conference theme "Sound, Music and Movement" by using newly developed, conference-related technologies and sound modeling techniques.

Jacques Diennet and Gaƫtan Parseihian, CMMR2013 Music Chairs

Le moindre geste (The slightest gesture) - Concert 1

Tue, 15 oct 2013, 20:30-22:30

Le moindre geste (The slightest gesture) - Concert 2

Wed, 16 oct 2013, 21:00-23:00

Gala dinner concert at La Friche

Thursday 17 October, 20:30